16 augusti 2006

We're going through changes

As you can see, I've changed the looks of my blog.
If you can't see it, just press "augusti2006" under "Gammalt dammigt".
If you still can't see that the blog is now black - try again tomorrow.

So... Now I'm wondering: What do you think of the new looks of the blog? Should I keep it, or did you like the old one better? (click the pic to make it big)
Tell me in comments or over msn or something. Thanks

Take Care!

(Yeah, I posted in english. I'm trying it, to see what feels best)

3 kommentarer:

Petra sa...

Jobbigt att se vad det står när det är svart bakgrund. Iallafall när det är soligt ute, och man inte har persienner eller nåt. Dessutom är det jobbigt at läsa på engelska när man är bakfull. Annars najs. Pössa

Nea sa...

Love it.. hehe, but hey! I love alomst everything that's red and black, and about the english.. you don't have to write all the posts in english, you can do what you feel like for the moment :)

I've been trying to change my blog to red and black too for a very long time, but I can't find out how to do it.. I know, I suck at html :P

Saxkrig sa...

Thats a good Idea Linnéa, But hey! If you like, I could try to fix you blog. Just tell me what layout you want (watch them under "change template") And tell me what colors you'd like : )
Then I can mail you a couple och suggestions.